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I Already Have What I Am Looking For

In 2015 I took a life-changing trip to Italy with Alchemy Adventures! Traveling abroad and hiking through the hillsides in Tuscany truly was a dream come true. It was an amazing opportunity to dive deep in self-discovery while soaking up the amazing beauty that surrounded you. Hard to believe it has been nearly 4 years...

On one of the final days before I departed to travel solo we did a guided meditation and in the vision a gift given to me was a necklace. The necklace was a symbol of all the gifts I had inside. We all drew our gift and shared our visions.

I then took off to travel solo to Venice. My little girl dream. A thought put out by the group was that I may find a necklace in my travels... I was open. I walked around Venice exploring as if I'd been there many many times. If you have ever been there it is like a maze and I could make my way around with ease.... let alone being abroad for the first time and solo. I am running down memory lane.. haha Well, no necklace appeared.

When I got home and unpacked a few boxes from a previous move I discovered that I had a beautiful Rainbow Moonstone that was given to me. It looked like my picture!! 📷:D The message I could hear immediately was, "I already have what I am looking for." Wow! YESSS!!

I picked up my necklace today from Sunshine Goldmine. They made it into a beautiful pendant 📷<3 I feel called to share this message for everyone who it may resonate.....

✨✨You already have what you are looking for ✨The gifts are within ✨

Much love to you all!!

Especially my Goddess Sisters and the Captain who I traveled with and continue to explore within 😘💕

ohhhhh and the heart in the sky picture... gotta share that again 📷

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