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 I am Laurie Huston and I am so Happy you are Here!  

When I was 17 I collapsed due to a hole in my Heart. Even though it was a difficult experience to go through it was also an experience that led me on a path to find out about the Heart and living LIFE.

Years following that experience I developed pain in my body. The pain progressed over the years and became chronic which created huge limitations in my life. There were several times I was laid up in bed for days or weeks and in that time I dove into books around spirituality, psychology, self-help, and biographies of people who inspired me with the great shifts they created in their lives. There were a few times I was literally stuck in bed alone... those were the moments I am now most grateful for!

Some of us have reached a point like that of feeling hopeless and you can’t see a way out. In my case, I experienced it three times. Each one was more profound than the previous one. I say profound because it was as if another big piece of “myself” fell away. The parts that weren’t true or I was afraid to let be seen. I remember that last time where I completely surrendered to everything. It is a bit of a challenge to express but that is the best way I can describe it. A deeper awakening to who I AM.

My experience has been that healing is really remembering the truth of who you are. We create our lives through beliefs we hold both in the conscious and subconscious. When we can bring beliefs to our awareness that are not true or serving us we can dissolve them and remember what is true. Some of these beliefs can be created through a traumatic event, learned from others (i.e. friends, society, family) and even passed down through generations.

We live in an exciting time! A time where science is learning more about the power we have in our Heart and Mind to not only change our beliefs but to change our DNA. It’s so fascinating and exciting! The Heart is an amazing part of it all.... an AMAZING part in creating the life we live.

I have trained in many tools and techniques that help identify limiting beliefs that hold you back and bring them to the conscious where you have the ability to heal them and create the life you truly want. These are tools that assisted me in my own healing. I love the term “unbecoming yourself.” It is an unlearning or dissolving of beliefs that aren’t the truth! TrueSelf <3

I work with people who are ready for a great shift in dissolving belief patterns that are holding them back from creating the life they want. People who are in the process of discovering who they are and want to take a leap into creating life through the truth of who they are and Truly Live through the Heart!

May there be a great Ripple Effect of Hearts igniting with the truth of who they are creating lives filled with great joy, gratitude, and excitement!

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